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Our tenured team of dedicated advisors are committed to providing guidance to help each client articulate their unique goals, financial circumstances and risk parameters and then designing managed investment portfolios appropriate for that client.

  • Development of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), outlining risk tolerance, risk capacity, investment objectives, allowable investment classes, and other investment criteria

  • Review of current investments 

  • Overall asset allocation consulting 

  • Assist in opening account(s) for asset custody through brokerages, trust companies, and/or banks 

  • Periodic review and rebalancing 

  • Quarterly performance reporting

WWM portfolio design is based in part on the tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and, in part, on Efficient Markets Hypothesis (EMH). Portfolios consist predominantly of structured asset class no-load mutual funds, but may also include ETFs, individual stocks, bonds (or other fixed income investments), real estate/REITs, commodity asset class exposure (through ETF’s or mutual funds), and alternative investments. The minimum account size accepted for the Investment Management and Consulting Services is $250,000. 

Services May Include:

Institutional Investment Consulting

Available to foundations, endowments, Native American tribes, and qualified retirement ERISA plans, WWM will provide counsel on overall investment plan design, asset allocation modeling, investment advisor searches, and due diligence on mutual funds, ETF’s, money managers, and individual holdings. Investment consulting, for the purpose of this description, does NOT involve management of the underlying securities but may involve assisting in the selection on a non-discretionary basis of separate advisors, mutual funds, and others, who may manage the actual assets/investments. 

Use of Third Party Money Managers

WWM may refer clients to other investment advisers for money management services. WWM does not accept any referral fees from a third party money manager. In addition to the Advisory agreement between WWM and the client, the client will also receive and sign management agreement with the third party manager. Any fees charged by the third party manager to the client will be in addition to the WWM advisory fee.

Employee Benefit Retirement Plan Services

WWM provides advisory services to pensions and profit sharing plans for the design, implementation, and/or investment management of the plans. WWM will recommend investment options to be included in the retirement plan, monitor performance, provide participant enrollment/education meetings, and recommend changes as needed. For existing retirement/benefits plans, WWM will review the overall design, current investment options, administrative platforms, TPA providers, expenses, investment policy statements (IPS), etc. and will provide recommendations for any areas of improvement.

Sustainable Investing

A heavily researched, highly diversified investment strategy based on the contributions of some of the most notable minds in finance and economics. WWM's Sustainable portfolio design provides an opportunity to soundly invest both financially and responsibly. More.

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