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No Two Paths Are Identical

Every investor has an individual story, goals and concerns. Our tenured team of dedicated advisors is committed to providing guidance to help each client articulate their unique goals, financial circumstances and risk parameters and then designing managed investment portfolios appropriate for that client. Individual investments are consistently reevaluated through quarterly reporting and periodic review and rebalancing.

A Well-Planned Journey

WWM portfolio design is carefully constructed based on the tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), Efficient Markets Hypothesis (EMH), and multi-factor weighting with the goal of maximizing net after tax returns for various levels risk. Portfolios consist of structured asset class no-load mutual funds, ETFs, individual stocks, bonds (or other fixed income investments), real estate investment trusts (REITS), and alternative investments. Learn more about our investment philosophy   

If You're Not Traveling Alone

Womack Wealth Management offers institutional investment consulting for foundations, endowments, Native American tribes, and qualified retirement ERISA plans, providing counsel on overall investment plan design, asset allocation modeling, investment advisor searches, and due diligence on mutual funds, ETF's, money managers, and individual holdings.  

When It Matters How You Get There

We are committed to a holistic, client-centered approach that emphasizes investment returns without sacrificing investor values. Our sustainable investment strategy is heavily researched, highly diversified and based on the contributions of some of the most notable minds in finance and economics, providing an opportunity to soundly invest both financially and responsibly. Learn more about sustainable investing 

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