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Business Management services for professional athletes, actors, musicians, and other professionals in the industry, are available through Womack Business Management, Inc., a separate but affiliated company


With celebrated clients including professional athletes, world renowned musicians, and A-list actors, we are experienced in guiding and managing your business affairs with true expertise in the industry. Services are tailored to the unique circumstances of each of these professions

“Personal CFO”* services include:


Advanced planning and management integrating personal, estate, philanthropic, tax, and business services.


Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • Personal and Corporate Tax Planning and Coordination

  • Cash Flow Analysis and Budget Projections

  • Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable Tracking

  • Bill Preparation/Bill Pay

  • Payroll Processing, Administration and Taxes

  • Residual and Royalty Tracking

  • Asset and Intellectual Property Tracking

  • Personal and Business Financial Compiled Reporting/Statements


Business Consulting and Coordination

  • Business Formation and Entity Selection

  • Corporate Compliance and Administration

  • Risk Management and Insurance Oversight

  • Business Succession Planning

  • Merger and Acquisition Advising

  • Employee and Executive Benefits Consulting/Tracking


Personal/Business Lifestyle Services

  • Integrated Personal, Estate, Philanthropic, Tax, and Business Planning

  • Banking and Credit Relationship Management

  • Assistance with Major Purchases and Financing (real estate, capital equipment, autos, aircraft, yachts, office leases, etc.)

  • Residential Property Management, Construction Coordination, and Staffing

  • Critical Documents Tracking, Record-Keeping, and Archiving

  • Client Employee Staffing Assistance (support in choosing staffing services and/or assistance in screening/interview/selection of household, small business, or foundation staff)

  • Philanthropy and Foundation Consulting/Management

  • Privacy Management Coordination 

  • Family Legacy Planning

  • Integration with Wealth Planning and Management Services (available under separate engagement through Womack Wealth Management, Inc., a distinct corporation that is a Registered Investment Advisor).


Coordination of Tax Services and Service Providers


*Womack Business Managment, Inc., Womack Wealth Management, Inc. and all employees and officers of each do not accept formal corporate officer signatory for clients' entities. The term "personal-CFO" is only descriptive and does not refer to technical corporate officer positions with client companies.

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